I’ve been racking my brain about ways to improve the blog in the upcoming year, and what I came up with is that I want to go back to the roots… the place this all started from.. which is my love for thrift shopping.  With that, I am hoping to share more stories about my experiences of aforementioned hobby, whether the experience happened to be good or bad and essentially the life lessons learned while doing so. To kick off this new year then I’d like to chat with you about my first experience at a “pay per bag” Housing Works shopping escapade of mine about a month ago.  Let’s just say it was far from glamorous.  Tucked away in a remote and industrial part of Brooklyn, I found myself waiting on a 20 minute line with people from all walks of life: tall, short, man, woman, fashionable, far from it, to be handed a clear plastic bag. I was asked “One or two?” I could barely handle the idea of filling up one bag that I quickly grabbed the one and smiled, a scared smile.  Buying to sell, buying to wear, buying to send to family thousands of miles away.  A melting pot you could never find anywhere else.  It was a free for all.  Every man for himself.  People’s instinctual desires to be violent had to be tucked away in fear of getting in trouble with the law, but the eyes were there.  The crazy eyes, like hawks… preying on the next piece of clothing potentially worth something, or their cousin’s size.  My understanding from the start was that you had to dig through a lot of nonsense, and by nonsense I mean things that were obviously discarded for a reason: torn, stained, ill fitting or just not fashionably redeemable even with an able pair of sewing hands, to find a couple of gems.  But after about 30 minutes of gliding from one bin to another, Naomi (my official, unofficial photographer and thrifting partner in crime) and I made out alright.  She found several pieces worthy of her shop, and I found several pieces worthy of my closet.  $12 and a slight anxiety attack later I decided that perhaps it wasn’t for me, I much prefer perusing regular isles, where things are clearly aligned and displayed, perhaps even color coordinated, call me picky but it helps my visual nature to see things in order.  Nonetheless I was glad I tried it out, and you never know, I may brave up again some day for the intense experience.

This following look was inspired by one of the better finds at the sale.  The skirt was so unbelievably on trend and in practically new condition my heart skipped a beat at the sight.  Very much reminiscent of the Miu Miu geometric woven textiles of their fall 2012 collection, I was so thrilled to play with the piece and make it my own. I paired it with other geometric woven and knits to recreate that 70’s feeling i fell in love with this past year.  I love the idea that with print and pattern the combinations are endless and you can always find a way to reinvent a piece and sculpt it into something totally different just by way of pairing.

Outfit Details: Vintage Coat; Vintage sweater; thrifted skirt; Joe Fresh pumps; Vintage handbag; Vintage (thrifted) silver cuffs.

 And now for the visuals you may need to comprehend the experience of buying at a per bag sale:

anxiety laughter

 Images by: Naomi of OmniaVTG

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  • Nia Hand

    January 3, 2013 at 1:15 am |

    love this mix! that experience looks like fun too!

  • grunge-queen

    January 9, 2013 at 7:44 pm |

    Great look; in fact I love your look, period! I’m not great at these kind of sales either – maybe because I’m not grabby and I hate competing with other peeps. I prefer thrift shopping on quiet days and taking my time rummaging (yes, with that halk’s eye!) by myself. :)

    • Pretty In Thrift

      January 9, 2013 at 7:48 pm |

      Yes! Calm and quiet is much preferred. No need to get crazy over anything like that, ever!