As far as end of the year lists go, there are often too many of them and most the time they all have the same stuff on them. Despite this fact, I went ahead and made a little list of my own. Mostly fashion related but also touching upon some of 2012’s most fascinating cultural shifts.  It’s been a year of change.  Everything from the way social media has impacted fashion and other industries alike, to Obama’s re-election, Sandy kicking our ass so hard, has made this year a roller coaster ride Coney Island worthy
Now for some of the things that made my personal list:

1. Flash sale sites: Gilt, Living social, Groupon, FAB. You name it, I spy it.  We are talking about the most luxurious of things at the reach of the common man’s fingertips.  OUTNET you had me at 70% off. <3 2. The sneaker:  Truth be told, I’ve been rocking dunks for a decade and have never felt uncool in them, but for the fashion industry to finally nod to the cocept of sneakers as a fashion item was almost like a nod to me personally (narcisistic much?)  With my 5’8 stature I really felt a tad uncomfortable when for a little while platforms were all the rage.  I don’t need to be 6 foot tall EVER unless you need a human step ladder to get something from your top shelf.  I’m intimidating as it is. 3. HONY:  Need I say more?  Ok maybe I do in case you don’t know what I’m referring to.  I speak of the man who single handedly gave so many people a glimpse into the city we love so much.  With his quick witted and down to earth captions, Brandon has captured the hearts of people not only in New York but around the world, and has inspired other photographers to capture the essence of their city. Check out his amazing photo’s. Humans Of New York

4. Print-a-holics unite: As a textile designer I’m quite partial to prints. At the same time it’s been frustrating in the past to find good ones due to the lack of designers feeling bold enough to venture into the realm in innovative and beautiful ways.  But 2012 changed that game completely.  Not only did the variety increase significantly with everyone from Marni to Matthew Williamson, Tibi and SUNO really kicking some major print ass, but it finally became super cool to mix prints and even go for a head to toe previously considered crazy person material look.  I fancy this!

5. Instagram:  Not letting any of your sartorial victories go unseen, Instagram has really allowed fashion fanatics to get their quick inspiration fixes by following their favorite muses in a way that was never so immediate and possible before.  Let’s not forget the accessibility to artists, brands and places that opens up the magical marketing doors for so many who were having a hard time keeping up with the social media buzz.  Of course as anything good goes, it comes with bad (spammers, haters and facebook ownership to name a few)  but we can close an eye for the time being. 

6. Vintage recognition:  I find it pretty remarkable that both Nasty Gal and Garry Pepper Vintage were once mere vintage clothing sellers.  Both making a huge splash in the retail and blog world it gives all other itsy bitsy vintage shops some hope for a better and brighter future filled with billions of dollars!

7. The undercut:  Love it or hate it, it gives us short haired ladies an added option the next time we go to our barber for the monthly trim.  Buzz it all off or just create enough of a distinction between the underside and the top of your hair to add an edge to any plain old pixie cut, add bold bright lipstick and make this due uber feminine and sophisticated, this cut is here to stay.. at least for me.

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