Time flies and it’s no news, but when time flies and you’re no longer 22 and not married yet, and just got laid off your job and days are all blending in so that you no longer know which one of the week it is.. umm.. yeah we may have a situation in our hands.  I’ve been enjoying my freedom, this is no lie, yoga classes, wine and dessert with friends every night, wish it could never end.  But as a productive member of a society I set a limit for myself and that was after the New Year.  But before I let that spoil the 2 week long party I’ve been on, I should also mention the lack of planning that’s gone into my ringing in of the new year celebration.  What I’ve got so far is a meditation and restorative yoga session from 6-8 which leaves much to be desired the rest of the evening, but heck maybe I’ll just dress up with nowhere to go and see where the wind takes me. 
Now as far as dressing for new years is concerned, I am a huge proponent of putting together stuff that’s already in your closet.  Let’s be honest here, it’s one night which you will most likely be spending with people you already know and who already love you and don’t really care if that sparkly top is from this season or last season.  What I do encourage you to do though is to make your outfit purposeful.  Make a statement about the kind of person you want to be next year.  I did it last year and it felt amazing.  My resolution for 2012 was to simplify my life, and I took that literally with the way I dressed on new years eve, donning my most comfortable skinny jeans and my simplest but most favorite striped t shirt.  So this year’s resolution?  Live in the moment as much as possible, and appreciate what I already have around me because I do already have it all.

With that said I did play dress up recerntly and mixed and matched a few of my favorite dressy pieces that I’ve had for a while and simply by the way I styled the pieces I ended up looking tres New Years chic! Now go dig in deep and find that top that you’ve always wanted to wear but wasn’t sure how to and figure it out!

Outfit Notes: Feathery Coat: Club Monaco (last year); Beaded top (gift); Necklace (Vintage); Pants H&M (last year); Clutch (Vintage); Pumps (Joe Fresh and kind of new); Rings and bracelets (Vintage); Lip pencil (Nars).

The look of horror of someone who just realized they need to get their shit together.

Happy New Year to you.

Location: Crooklyn
Photo’s by: Naomi of OmniaVTG

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  • Lucie Srbová

    December 27, 2012 at 5:16 pm |

    I just discover your blog on Chictopia and I really love it! That coat is awesome! love your style!
    Following you on Bloglovin! It will be great if you check my blog.

    Kisses, Lucy:)

    • Pretty In Thrift

      December 27, 2012 at 5:27 pm |

      Hey Lucy! Glad you like it ! Will def check yours out too! Xx

  • Krisbliss

    January 14, 2013 at 7:14 pm |

    Haha love the post! And the outfit is BOMB!

    You’re not the only one girl! You are not alone!



    The Kris Bliss

    • Pretty In Thrift

      January 14, 2013 at 8:51 pm |

      Ha! It always helps to know you’re not alone in the world! Hope your 2013 is going well so far :)