I couldn’t be more enthusiastically impatient about my birthday approaching this Thursday.
Usually I’m not one for celebrating myself, yet I thought this year could be an exception, and that I would not only have a party, but that it would be a costume party, and that all my guests would have to show up dressed like we were living in the 1920’s.  It was partially inspired by a purchase I made a couple of months ago at the Manhattan Vintage Show (a gorgeous I suspect to be 80’s flapper like beaded shift dress) along with the fact that I thought a nod to the 20’s would be appropriate as I enter my 30’s.

Below is more of a daytime look from the time period.  I adore the dropped waist and the loftly strings of pearls nonchalantly draped around their necks.  There is a simplicity to their ornateness, a comfortable yet very sophisticated feeling to their look that’s envy worthy. And the headgear? to die for. 

A couple of suggestions to achieve this daytime look:

Find this here.
Find this here.

And below is a scene from The Great Gatsby. Dreamy isn’t it?
And this is pretty much how I envision the birthday party to look like…and obviously I am the brunette with the fullest glass of wine with her back towards the camera.

A few suggestions to achieve this look:

and this gorgeous hat here
Find this dress here.

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