I’m not gonna lie to you, it’s hard to pull off a whole lot of sparkle without looking like a complete dingbag.  Ask my mom, for years I’ve tried to talk her out of another sequined shell or dress without much success, not that she looks like a dingbag… but it’s nice to have a good balance of other textures and let’s not forget that more times than not less is more (chic).  But alas there is a time and place for shiny things, and if that place and time really did exist wouldn’t this time of the year really be the best for it? Since you sort of end up camouflaging with the rest of the lights and shiny things everywhere anyways.  Also, we can’t forget that all sparkle is not created equal.  There is the machine made straight row of cheap sequins on a bebe top kind, and there is the amazing hand sewn, beautifully crafted special kind… and that’s the kind that I will make exception to my no sparkle rule for. 

Note:           Good Sparkle                                                                             …..and:  Bad Sparkle.

Outfit Notes: Elizabeth and James wide leg trousers (a major score at Buffalo Exchange!); H&M Sheer blouse; Vintage Gold Vest (find here); Vintage baubles (thrifted); Rebecca Minkoff Pumps; Vintage Lucite box bag (swoon).

Photo’s: Naomi of Omnia Vintage

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