Wishlists are the thing dreams are made of.  No for real.  For as long as you allow yourself, you get to imagine an alternate universe where you can have anything that your heart so fondly desires.  What better time to do so than a week prior to your birthday, I say none.  I’ve also heard that if you wish enough sometimes, things actually come true, and really, what do we have to lose in that scenario?  Soooo, I’m turning 30. blah blah blah.. I was laid off my full time job… blah blah blah…… which looks like is a major blessing in disguise because I didn’t really want to be there anyway but I probably wouldn’t have mustered up the courage to leave anytime soon cause it was.. well I am ashamed to say comfortable.  But I am certain now more than ever that comfort is the devil, and the moment you are forced outside of that zone your mind suddenly starts working overtime to figure out what you want to be doing, not just what’s become routine and easy.  With that said, and with my big 3 0 just around the corner, and because I’ve been unemployed the last few days and have had a lot of time to browse all the online sales that tickle my fancy pickle, here is a collage of all the things that I would be so thrilled to have for my birthday but that cost just about as much as my rent even on sale, and I will in fact almost certainly never own.  But that’s ok really.

Clockwise from top: Salvatore Ferragamo Swarovsky Zodiac Necklace (find here); Alaia Wide Belt (find here); SUNO sequined flower skirt (find here); Proenza Schouler quilted jacket (find here); Alexander Wang Prisma Tote (find here); Opening Ceremony Studded Boots (find here); J.W Anderson Sweater (find here).

Happy Birthday to meeeeeeee.

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