You really have to be a major grump not to let yourself go and enjoy the festive vibes of this time of year.  If you’re anything like me, you love the Christmas tunes at Starbucks for the first couple of weeks, then you’re sadly so sick of them you’d almost rather go back to hearing Jack Johnson’s banana pancakes while you sip on your salted caramel latte.  The window displays are always gorgeous especially on 5th avenue, until you get pushed out of the way so tourists can get their cheesy snap shots in front of them.
People are generally in a better mood, eager to give, love and eat.  My Birthday happens to fall towards the end of this month, which means that along with all the holiday parties I have to dress for, I also have to think of what I’m going to wear that day, and then quickly after, New Years. Lot’s to think about in the sartorial department this month, but I’m here to help!  Below is a little guide that will get you through the season in one piece, perhaps a little plumper (because you should say yes to that second serving of dessert) yet ready to tackle the new year full force.

When it comes to dresses, bold vibrant colors and patterns are awesome, but once you’ve made that statement, it’s going to feel weird to show up to consequent parties making that statement again, remember.. lot’s of photos will get snapped, so you want to look your best, but also don’t want to stand out so much that you can’t wear that dress again in a few weeks to a different party you may want to consider dresses or separates that can be paired or layered in different ways, to give the illusion of a completely different outfit, without having to buy a ton of new pieces.  I love the idea of black and white, or silver and black.. it’s evening enough but also neutral enough that you can double dip.

 As you can see this particular dress still has a great personality, and is not shy about it’s cuteness, but I could also wear it again if I layered it with a white or black blazer, added a bold necklace or drop earrings. (find dress here).

Now onto the accessories.  Obviously I went for a monochromatic vibe here, pairing the dress with a lucite clutch and white bangles.  Had I wanted to though, I could have also gone bolder with metallic, variations of red or even electric blue. As far as the shoes are concerned, I say if you can’t dance in them don’t wear them.  Luckily this season has embraced a chunkier square heel, which always gives us a little more support for dancing purposes.  Below I am rocking a vintage metallic brocade pair of pumps (find them here) with the perfect sized bow on top, to tie it all together (no pun intended).

 To achieve a similar look try these pieces:

Find this adorable metallic clutch here.

Find this black peplum LBD here.
This adorable vintage lace dress can be found here.

Go bold or get out:  Use a structured handbag in the Pantone chosen it color of 2013:

Find this cutey here.

Finally, don’t let the stresses of gift buying, family time and pant size increase get to you, because there are always your New Years resolutions to get you back on track !

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