Did you get a chance to catch the moon last night? For a second I thought it was full, but that’s actually going to happen tonight.  Who cares right?  Wrong! 
I think it’s so interesting that as a species we have come to dismiss the importance of the way we are affected by nature and often forget about the connection we have to the world around us.  It may not be intentional but we just get so wrapped up in our daily routines and cyber lives that we loose touch with reality, as if we were floating bobble heads.  I’ve caught myself on many occasions in that particular state of mind and it always takes conscious effort to bring me back to earth.
This lost connection is on my mind a lot and in particular on a more philisophical level, the way we as humans relate to the space around us is a topic I often strive to understand better.  Conceptually it seems simple enough, be present, be aware of your surroundings, but to actually live this way is really tough. It helps me at times to break things down scientifically and logically, not get lost in the mysticism of it.
When doing so I sometimes recall  a conversation I had with someone not too long ago.  We were discussing a business relationship, but at some point the conversation turned and we began talking about personal things as well.  I brought up the fact that I thought it was so funny that people dismissed astrology, despite the fact that at it’s core, all it does is acknowledge our relationship to the elements surrounding us.  I said to him that if you actually thought about it for a minute, it makes complete sense that something as far away as the moon would affect our mood and state of mind.  We are made of something close to 98% water.  Now think about tides… and how the moon affects them.  What makes us then, so mighty and powerful to be exempt from the effects of the moon, when we are mostly made up of water?  I think his mouth dropped for the slightest second at the simplicity yet complexity of this idea. I try to always think back to that idea, because it speaks volumes about our connection, be it physical or mental, to our universe.
If you get a chance to peek out your window and up at the sky tonight, start by a simple nod or hello, a salute to your moon.

Illustration via Artista Blog

 Outfit Notes: Sheer vintage dress find here;  Faux leather pants (H&M); Vintage Via Spiga western booties (Etsy); Vintage Versace like embossed leather handbag find here.; Vintage and thrifted bracelets; Moon light – priceless.

Photo’s:  Naomi of OmniaVTG

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  • Bethany

    November 29, 2012 at 5:09 pm |

    The moon is beautiful! And so are your shoes and bag. hehe :)