There’s just something about wearing a giant wild cat on your chest.  For one, it rids me of any shame I may normally have, resulting in behavior resembling that of a crazy person equipped with roaring at innocent bystanders.
Potentially a good form of self defense (pepper spray helps too). Beyond that, this is no trend to ignore(it would be quite difficult to do so even if you tried). Make that statement with that sweater I say.
Keeping everything else pretty classic keeps the look clean and chic rather than 80’s disaster.
Think urban and rustic like I love nature and appreciate it even though I live in a concrete jungle, not I am a party animal a la Madonna.

We have seen a spectrum of animals popping up all over, be it lions, tigers, cheetah’s the animal kingdom is your oyster. I enjoy the literariness of it all. Is that an animal print you are wearing? yes it is. Got a problem with that?
It’s cute, quirky, and says HEY LOOK AT ME!  I”M A SHIT LOAD OF FUN TO BE AROUND!
You with me?

Outfit Notes: Vintage sweater (find here.); Gifted leather jacket with fur collar;  Jbrand Jeans; Zara lace up boots; Dooney & Bourke vintage handbag; Vintage thrifted bracelets.

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Photos by: Naomi of OmniaVTG

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