In the same manner that we don’t get to choose the family we are born in, we don’t get to pick the body we are thrown in (wah…wah)
Either and or both can be great in certain cases, but in others you may find yourself a victim of the grass is always greener syndrome. I happen to have lucked out in both… but still find things to complain about cause after all human’s are never satisfied with what they are given.
As a fashion lover, I sometimes struggle with purchases, because there are things that I love on other people, but no matter how many times I buy them they just never quite work on me the same way.  In that same vein of thought, I think once and only when people embrace what works for them to the fullest, they can finally embody style.  This post is very self indulgent in that I am going to throw out there a few things that I really love but can’t pull off, kind of a pity party of sorts.  Don’t get me wrong, there will always be things I purchase that I know better to, just cause I’m stubborn and won’t give up trying, but I have also gotten better at admiring from afar in certain cases.
I’ve learned the hard way that to embrace who you are to the fullest you have to let go of ideals of who you want to be and just deal with who you are.

First up: Maison Martin Margiela peeptoe booties (which you can find here. if you’re blessed with perfect toes) – I love me a good peeptoe, I just don’t like the way my toe peeps. comprendes? (most people probably wouldn’t even notice this, but because my second toe is just slightly longer than my big one, I am super self conscious of the way it looks in this shoe silhouette)

 Next up is my hair: I love it short.. it’s a great cut and it suits my style very much.. but there are times when long straight locks really come in handy.  Take for example the awesome oversized floppy 70’s glam hats people have been sporting for a few seasons.  GOD I love them.  But damn do I look stupid with no hair in them. Find this great one at Free People

Let’s talk about gams now.  Mine certainly aren’t bad.  They are thin but also shapely, which make me look really good in skinny jeans.  But… in the summertime I always envy girls who can rock the shortest of shorts and skirts in ease and comfort without looking ummmm.. whats the word Im looking for… innapropriate?  I believe this is a result of not just being thin, but also not having shape and curves.. that’s it.. curves!  I have a round behind.. and it often lifts all short things and makes them look even shorter on me than they do on others.. so to avoid the kind of attention I really don’t want when I’m going about my business, I also avoid shorts and most skirts (insert sad face)  But for those blessed with perfectly unimposing thin legs… you lucky gals get to wear stuff like this… and maintain a level of innocence I can’t get away with (you can find these vintage levi’s cut off’s here.

Lastly, let’s talk about shirts.  I adore me a good secretary blouse.. especially in mouth dropping sweet vintage prints.  But damn do I look silly in them.  It might be just me.. but anytime I walk out of the house in that style top I feel moronic.  I was scarred when I was younger for having a pronounced chin.. and I suppose ever since then, I’ve been very careful about not bringing particular attention to it..which explains the overwhelming selection of V necks in my closet. But how cool is this look? (you can find it here.)  ugh.

Ok, while doing some digging online I found this photo, and it happened to represent everything I described I am not in this post.. so here you have it… the greener of the grasses.

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