I could only describe today’s look as the perfect  follow up to my Tartan post, cause now I can show you how that look would translate on a woman (me).
  I happened to have put together this look way before I ever met David, but obviously we share similar taste, and great taste at that (pats own shoulder in lofty manner)
Fall has been filled with plaids for me, pants, shirts, skirts..it’s had no limit.  I love the richness and layered complexity of the pattern, and the way it can be combined with other prints, textures and colors. Possibilities are endless.
For this particular look I went with: A thrift store found plaid school girl pleated skirt; a pop of mustard and a horseshoe print (you can find the blouse here.); J. Crew cardigan (gifted); Vintage wool blazer (you may find here.) and a lovely Dooney & Bourke bag.  To keep the look casual I paired it with my Supergas  (which you can purchase here.) and added a splash of nerd with my Warby Parker glasses. All jewels are vintage (the necklace was a gift from my mama)

Photo’s by: Naomi of OmniaVTG

Location: Brooklyn

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