Tartan Tuesday

I’ve been saying for a while now that I’d like to include men’s looks on the blog.  There are various reasons for this.  For starters, when men dress well, they dress better than most women.  Also men’s looks can easily be translated into inspiration for us ladies, and are often mine, so why not give them the credit they deserve.
I find it particularly fitting to begin this exploration with photographs of a guy named David Robinson.  David is a costume designer from Brooklyn.  He caught my attention a few weeks ago at a party, but I was too shy to approach him at the time and left it to chance to bring us together again.  Chance was good to me and I ran into him again this past weekend, this time equipped with a good camera.  I snatched the opportunity to capture his amazing style and also ended up having some great conversation… mostly about fashion of course. A few things about David and his personal style:  I  found out that Bill Cunningham has taken his picture half a dozen times but has never used any! we also talked about our love of individuality and originality in the fashion and art world, and loving being behind the scenes as designers and stylists. Davids outfit is mostly custom made.  His jacket was altered to become what is a kilt appropriate length blazer.  Most charming of all pieces was his furry bag that he carried nonchalantly around his waist.  Apparently a neighbor of his didn’t think she could sell it for much and gave it to him because she could see him getting use out of it :)
 On a side note: David is NOT of Scottish descent, even though his appearance could fool you.  He just put on a kilt one day and said to himself he never needed to wear pants again.  The rest is history.

So, boys and girls what lessons have we learned from David and his amazing style?  Do mix the shit out of prints and textures but keep the colors in the same scheme.  You can have a bright accent color such as the tomato red in this case to make the look pop.  If you are going to mix prints like a pro, do keep in mind the scales and try to variate them, as he cleverly has by wearing a small scaled checkered shirt.
Last but not least, wear whatever makes you happy. You’ll notice the difference and so will we.

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