This weekend I attended the semi annual Manhattan Vintage Show.  Many vintage sellers from around the country set up booth’s and bring their best vintage stock.  The place is swarmed with buyers, designers and vintage fanatics alike.  For example at one point I was standing next to Anna Sui and Sofia Coppola, shopping for new winter coats.  Crazy ain’t it?  I almost didn’t make any purchases but ended up walking out with an awesome 20’s inspired beaded and sequined flapper like frock that I will probably wear for my 30th birthday coming up in December. 
One of my preferred venders is this woman who buys from estate sales around the country, but mostly carries southwest inspired vintage pieces.  Last year I bought an amazing 70’s cape from her that I cherish.  As I picked through her pieces, she said to me “I see you’re drawn to the earth tones”   I looked at her and went “and???”  just kidding.. I didn’t do that..  I actually agreed with her, and told her that along with warm autumnal tones I primarily only wear black grey and navy, and throw in some brights sporadically to throw people off. Although we were both in black head to toe that day, we proceeded to gush over our common love for warm tones, and couldn’t help but get into the psychological reason for being drawn to them.  Obviously neither one of us had a scientific explanation for this, but I did suggest that perhaps it was the comfort of the warm colors that drew us to them, or the familiarity because we both have warmer skin tone. Truth may never be told but the bottom line is that most people do have colors they are consistently drawn to, whether they realize or not, and it is interesting to wonder about this predisposition to certain likes.
Speaking of color palettes, this series of photos may very well be the epitome of the kinds of colors I am fond of.  What colors do you find yourself always drawn to?

OutfitNotes:  Vintage floral dress (find here.); Vintage chevron carpet handbag (find here.); Vintage jewelry (some thrifted); Vintage desert stacked heel boot; Vintage leather belt.

Photo’s: Naomi of OmniaVTG.

Location: Brooklyn

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