If you’re anything like myself, you’ve been stalking photo’s from fashion month like it’s your national duty.  Although many of the looks are not replicable due to their far fetched fantastical nature, I did pick up a few ideas that I am willing to try out.  One look that particularly struck out at me, and is quite doable if you take the time to find the more affordable version is this look.

There is something particularly appealing about this ensemble.  If I had to put it into words, i’d say that she has struck a really great and simultaneously unexpected balance between dressy and casual.  Before I was even able to articulate it, my fashion mantra consisted of always finding unexpected balances.  You have to start off by understanding where something stands in the spectrum of things. So in this case, let’s take this extremely casual top.  Now it would naturally occur to most to pair it with some jeans and sneakers.  Right? cause sweatshirts are essentially what you roll around with at home when you haven’t washed your hair in a week and want to stuff your face with junk and watch tv.  But this Kenzo pull over was cleverly paired with an overly dressy sequined pencil skirt (note: in the same color scheme) and sky high platforms. Duh. These types of decisions often separate taste makers from the rest of the crowd.  It’s really fun to pay attention to the ways people like to put together outfits, cause you are bound to see something you’ve never thought of yourself.

Because i’m confident the sporty look is here to stay for a while, here are some pull over options I’ve found that won’t drain your bank account.
From top: Topshop sweatshirt with beaded collar (great for a lady like look, also paired with a pencil skirt, or dark wash skinny denim and heels. Find it here.; Topshop grid neoprene sweatshirt in black and white, I love this graphic print and the black and white color combo, find it here.; ASOS Marketplace cool ass sweater with denim sleeves (wear just as shown in photo) find it here. Vintage wildcats pullover sweatshirt, it’s comfy has the animal logo thing going… it doesn’t cost $300 dollars… sounds like a good plan to me. Find it here. Great subtle vintage camouflage print sweatshirt in a snug fit, find it here.

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