The older I get, the more comfortable I become with certain aspects of myself.
I used to hate my big chin, my unruly wavy-kind-of-curly it does whatever the fuck it wants hair, my olive skin…cause they all made me uncomfortable at one point in my childhood.  But heck, since they ain’t going nowhere, I may as well make friends with them.  Beyond having this series of make fun-able features, as a kid I also wore huge nerdy glasses (picture that combo).  So as an adult, contacts became a staple to avoid  reverting  back to that anxious  place. My world has been turned upside down since my love affair with Warby Parker began a couple of years ago though.
I’ve embraced wearing glasses once again and kind of love the way I look in them, mostly because I  look just like I did as a kid when I wear them.  Funny how sometimes we get to witness things run their full circle.  Someday perhaps I’ll  entertain you by scanning an old photo of my nerdy self as a kid so you can compare the before and after’s but until then you’ll just have to trust me when I tell you…..

Outfit Notes: Vintage cropped boys sweater (all the rage!) (purchase here); JBrand Jeggings in forest green; H&M Chambray button down (a must have piece in all wardrobes); Vintage Justin Roper Boots (best); Vintage Jewelry; Warby Parker glasses. Vintage oversized super distressed leather bag.

Don’t forget to recycle.

Photo’s by: Naomi of OmniaVTG

Location: Brooklyn

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