One good thing about almost being 30 is that I have gotten pretty damn good at making the regret pile of clothes I end up giving away soon after purchase a lot smaller.  Not getting suckered into trendy buys takes so much will power its exhausting.  If you are anything like myself, you love getting emails from Gilt, THE OUTNET, Moda Operandi, Asos, J.Crew, Forward by Elyse Walker, just to name a few.  This flood of constant visual stimulation can get pretty intense, and can result in confusion above much else.  So in recent months I’ve began not only unsubscribing to some of these things but also really reverting back to the types of looks that I know have worked for me time and time again, and only using inspiration when I feel like I’m in a rut.  Basically, experimenting is becoming a thing of the past, and the little voice in my head that urges me to do wild things that are out of my comfort zone for the sake of  “switching things up” has been quieted down.  I took a walk around H&M this weekend, hoping to use some credit I had from a while back.  All I walked out with was some socks.  Perhaps following trends online via various blogs has helped me figure out what I would actually get use out of and what I would get tired of really quickly, by visually exposing me to things enough where I end up getting sick of them before even buying them.  That is not to say I don’t still get cravings for certain looks I see emerging each season, but my judgement has become much clearer as to whether I have “new and exciting only cause it’s new” goggles on, or if the item is something I can throw in the mix of my staples and favorites without it sticking out like a thorn.
I have compiled a few pieces I am craving, not because Moda Operandi says I should, but because I know I will get good use out of them.

The military coat, oversized, beat up, you need it, I need it. Find this vintage piece here.

It’s a black pump, it’s Kate Spade. The shape is flawless, and it may even reveal a little toe cleavage.  It’s the small things in life.  You can find these here.

A great pencil skirt in a rich fall color.  I found the perfect one at Zara. You can get it there too by clicking here.
The lace up boot, in a rich chestnut color, with added distress, perfect for that rugged look to incorporate with more feminine pieces.  Find these here.
These “legging” trousers are simply amazing.  The fit is great and the plaid pant look is so no doubt in the early 90’s it screams nostalgia.  You can pick up a pair at your local UNIQLO store
Sneakers!  yes… it’s nice to see that the backlash to painful heels has resulted in a huge sneaker craze.  So for those of us 5’7 and up ladies who don’t feel the constant urge to be taller.  Rejoice!  these awesome Golden Goose high tops have all the elements: great color, distress and “urban chic” written all over them.  For a more affordable version you can just pick up a pair of high top vans.  But these may just be worth the splurge.  Find them here.
In an ideal world, I would be able to purchase this sweet cropped fair isle Stella McCartney sweater without thinking about it twice.  But the world is not ideal, and I can’t, so for inspiration sake I am using this beauty as an example.  You certainly will get the idea of the season’s must have sweater.  Cozy, cropped, in sophisticated colors, fun patterns.  Go get em.  and pair em with your shredded jeans and cool new kicks.

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