I’ve come across far too many women who question their instincts.  This phenomena extends into their fashion choices as well. What I always try to remember when shopping for myself or others is that what makes someone stylish isn’t the price of their clothes, but how they put them together, and the confidence that stems from knowing that the choices they made are right for them. Word of advice then would be to trust your gut about what suits you and let go any qualms you may have about buying designer and such.  As long as something is tailored to fit your body type and works around your lifestyle, you should feel good in it. A lot of the clothes I wear are inexpensive, often less costly than my lunch, but somehow over the years I’ve managed to let go of many notions associated with buying used clothes and have honed the skill of putting these pieces together.  As we approach the colder months and dive into our fall shopping list, I wanted to note that there are ways to layer up and look fall fabulous without spending your months salary.  A few key items I would suggest purchasing (or something similar at least) are being worn in the outfit below and can be found for less than $100.  Isn’t that fantasticcccc?!?!
Outfit Notes: Levi’s denim jacket, you can find a similar one here; thrifted sheer navy blouse; vintage plaid wool pencil skirt (I would check ebay or your local thrift stores for a similar find); Justin lace up boots (are plentiful on ebay and etsy as well); Bottega Veneta vintage mini satchel; Warby Parker glasses (these baby’s are less than $100 and with every purchase someone in need scores a pair of glasses too)

Photo’s by : Naomi of OmniaVTG

Location: Brooklyn

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