I was complimented not too long ago by quite a stylish fella, on my  red silk shirt and camo jacket combo.  I quickly replied “Yeah it’s such a classic combination, I can’t get enough of it”.  He proceeded to giggle and gaze at me quizzically.  That’s when it occurred to me that perhaps camouflage and red weren’t necessarily considered  a “classic” combo by anybody but myself.  I had taken the liberty to put it in that category, since I had always thought it such an obvious pairing.
All this got me thinking.  What characteristics make something a “classic” when it comes to style. Could individuals conjure up their own ideals of a classic look, and put a stamp on it? Is classic limited to the concept that it’s something timeless without the burden of trend?  The word, taken apart really boils down to class, a notion familiar to us all. But is our definition of such class the same? This doesn’t take into consideration the variations of such standards based on influences such as culture, ethnicity, age..etc.  I’m not sure it should be so confided at the end of the day, since as with anything else that’s so closely tied to cultural shifts,  fashion is ever evolving. Food for thought, or fashion for thought if you will.

And now for the pichasssssss

I am wearing: Thrifted Camouflage Jacket; Vintage Krizia  Stars blouse; Vintage knit vest; UO Jeans (old); Red western booties; Vintage handbag; Vintage thrifted jewels.

Photos: Naomi of OmniaVTG

Location: Brooklyn

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