All about the boys.

There has always been a masculine side to the way I style myself.  Usually subtle, I will add a menswear inspired print or silhouette to balance out an otherwise feminine look.  I blame it on my astrological fate as a Sagittarius as we are described to be a masculine sign (whatever that means).  Shortly after I chopped all my hair off though, I weaned off my addiction to menswear pieces, because I felt I could be mistaken for an actual boy.  So began my love affair with lipstick and high heels.  But I must say, lately I’ve begun to truly miss my sneaker and plaid shirt days, and the way I felt in them….comfortable. I’ve also come to realize that no matter how much menswear I do wear, and how short my hair is, I am still so feminine, my observations about gender identity could just be paranoia.  With this said, I’d like to supply you with a guide on how to master the boy/girl concept.

Do wear an over sized camouflage jacket, but if your hair is short and you’re also going to wear sneakers, make sure that the colors and prints are feminine, as seen on our left.

 Do wear androgynous chelsea boots, but for a dose of femme, add a pleated floral skirt.

 Lace up combat boots can scream dude, but paired with skinny jeans or printed pants and a blouse they can be toned down to grungy girl chic.

Do wear men’s button down shirts in classic plaids, but if you do, don’t be afraid to throw a chunky necklace over it,  a fur collared leather jacket or better yet, both.

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