Sometimes less really is more, especially when referring to strategically cut out parts of apparel and accessories.  The trend has been widely embraced by designers alike, as we’ve seen it saturate retail shops of all kinds.  The key is to always keep the rest of the look moderately classic and understated, otherwise you run the risk of looking like you ran into Edward Scissorhands on your way to the party (and although meeting Johnny Depp is my long time dream, I’d rather it not be under awkward circumstances that will render me far less than cute post meeting).
Here are a few of my Cut-Out picks ranging from apparel to accessories.

Reminiscent of some F-troupe styles I’ve seen, these awesome electric blue flats are a great every day shoe.  A lucky 8.5 can score them here.
Also loving the seriousness of the front of this shoe, and the playfulness of the open back.  Find them here.

Love this 80’s cocktail dress paired with a pair of converse! Find it here.

Peplum for days, and what a gorgeous silver color.  Find this dress here.
I am really enjoying these hand cut earrings, perfection in their imperfection.  Find these right here.

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