The Loafer

Shoe designers have been tip toeing around the idea of bringing back the classic leather loafer.  We first saw the come back of the brogue, which was slowly followed by the smoking shoe. This love for menswear inspired clothing and accessories is still going strong this season, which allows me to infer that the loafer has great potential to be the next it shoe.
Since I revel in being just a couple of steps ahead of what will soon be a tired old trend, I’ve gone ahead and begun my search for the perfect pair.  A few have gotten my attention.  Noteworthy is a pair of vintage Stuart Weitzman loafer’s with laser cut mesh-like sides and a patent leather finish. I hesitated with the purchase because I am not huge on patent leather, and I’m glad I did because during my trip to Beacon’s Closet this weekend, I ended up finding the most amazing loafers.  They are by Jean Paul Barriol, a French designer.
I was so thrilled with my find it was contagious, and for less than $20, who wouldn’t be. 
To thicken the plot a bit, I’ve also been a DIY maniac the past week, with a few creations in mind.  There has been a decluttering session happening in my home, and while things are being thrown out, other things are being discovered and repurposed.  One of my great finds have been these Asian inspired medallions that once belonged to a pair of aldo boots.  And since finding them, i’ve been racking up my brain about what to do with them, when it finally hit me… attach them to my new loafers!
What do ya think?  I still haven’t finalized the technicalities of this attachment process, therefore it’s not a done deal quite yet, but I am leaning towards “this could look bad ass in a funky kind of way”  Also I’m considering placing them closer to the “tongue” of the shoe in between the elastic for a more Elizabethan look.  Yay or nay?

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