I dragged my ass to Lincoln Center yesterday to catch some street fashion to shoot.  My timing was a little funny (girl’s got a full time job ya know), and I did a bit waiting around for some funk to pass by, but at last it arrived.
I’ve been playing around with my Pentax k1000. It’s a manual film camera from the 80’s that was recommended to me by my dear friend Rooman.
To be honest, I still have a lot to learn, and more specifically need to be more careful about keeping still when I take the shot, because I still get a lot of blurry photo’s (wah).
Despite the blur issue I am noticing an improvement, so keep checking back for more film shots! anyhoos, here are some of the ones that came out (less) blurry than the rest.. tee hee.

She caught my attention with those wild neon hoop earrings she was wearing, a fellow photog, and cool as chick herself, I had to get a shot
I fell in love with this man at first sight, his stoic manners and amazing color combination made for one of the best shots in my roll.
This lovely lady was busy on her cell, but I had to get a shot of her, because she really has mastered the print mixing here, along with my favorite, the shirt knot! Also, check out her beautiful hair color.  Stunner indeed.

 Oh, and because I love a man in a hat, or even better two. Here’s a quick video of these awesome styling lads passing by.  #wishwewerebffs

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