Labor and Utility.

I often find myself adding some sort of utility jacket or vest over an otherwise quite conventional outfit. It’s like a bad nervous habit.
After a recent conversation with a fellow utility lover about this urge to always layer, I got to thinking about this penchant.  My conclusion? It’s an affordable way (you can pick up a utility jacket or vest from H&M at any given moment for under $50) to look ultra stylish and put together while simultaneously look as if  you have just thrown something together nonchalantly, and I’m all about that effortless look. You feelin me?

Put together, but chilled out. So easy. And I can go with an over the top print, because the vest immediately takes it down a few notches.

So cool I crack under pressure and giggle.

Printed blouse Vintage you can find HereJeans Zara.  Utility vest Urban Outfitters.  Handbag Vintage. Cuff Thrifted. Pumps Rebecca Minkoff.

Photos: Naomi of OmniaVTG
Location: Red Hook

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