I’m not one for the weather channel. They usually claim that there is a 50% chance of something. But isn’t it inherently the case? It’s either gonna rain or not. Or it may rain for half the day and be sunny the other half. Duh.  With that said, I do the good old boy scout trick, and step outside, lick my finger, throw it up in the air, and feel the way in which the wind is blowing. I’m not even sure what I’m checking for, but it feels kind of bad ass to do it.
On far too many occasions though, I’ve ruined a good pair of suede shoes.  How to deal with this dilemma? Do it all.  If you take your umbrella to work, also bring your sunglasses.  Makes sense don’t it? I call this preemptive caution, as us fashionable gal’s don’t like those kinds of surprises, especially at the risk of ruining good shoes.

Vintage raincoat; H&M white tank; Levi’s boyfriend Jeans; Vintage beaded flats; Vintage Clock.

Doesn’t look that wrong, does it?
Hood up, look down.
And the peek-a-boo check print? cute as shit. If you love this raincoat as much as I do.. you can buy it HERE

What’s time is it? Time for the weather man to get his act together.

Photos: Naomi
Location: Brooklyn

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  • Liana

    September 5, 2012 at 4:34 am |

    Love it!