As I sit here this afternoon with my hand deep into a bowl of cherries I realize that not a day goes by without me shoveling down some sort of fruit. It’s just how momma raised me. It’s my ultimate favorite snack, and as an added bonus it’s so good for you!
So in celebration of my love for fruit, and wacky prints, here’s a fruity post with some vintage novelty fabric. They can be odd and not for everyone, but then again so am I.

Pear anyone? this is actually quite adorable. I’d rock it any day. Find it HERE.

I can’t deal with this. Meant to be a girls dress, but large enough for a small adult. Hah. Someone should definitely purchase this.  If that’s you, find it HERE

Blue strawberries. Find this daydress HERE

It’s so wrong, its right, ya know? Find it HERE

Mixed fruit bowl. Love the boxy cut.  Find right this way —> clicky me

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