Things often don’t work out the way you had planned them to.  This simple fact extends itself in every aspect of life, including photo shoots for your fashion blog.  But when things work out better than you had expected? you shut up and run with it.  So yes, the next few shots were supposed to be just like the rest (yawn) me looking cute in a pretty little vintage ensemble.  What happens though when you start to resemble a movie character, in the best way possible?  you exploit it, that’s what.  It’s up to you now, to decide, who wore it best? 

Mary has the added advantage of having clouds as one of her props, but whatever.
Necklace DIY, Sunglasses Vintage Liz Clairborne, Skirt Vintage, Belt Vintage.

Red Hook backdrop, almost better than clouds.

See you later! (booties Singerson Morrison)

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