I’ve been blessed with a head of thick dark curls.  One day though, I cut it all off, cause fuck it, hair grows back. So here I am almost 3 years later, so glad I did, as experimentation is what your twenties are all about. The thing about short haircuts is that, well, you can’t do too much to them. They always looks styled, that’s true, but there are times I wish I could braid, twist, and topknot.  As I contemplate growing it out a little so I can play with it, here are some images of the in between phase which can get pretty ugly, but these amazing ladies managed to make it look more than good.
Short hair can be hard to pull off, you need a level of confidence to walk around looking like a little boy from the back.  So beyond their cuts, these women are inspiring in their confidence, style and chicness.

I am loving the shaggyness of Edie’s hair here,  I like how her bangs are off the face and how she let’s her hair cover her ears.  Perfection.
So sleek and smooth, Michelle looks flawless. and the little behind the ear tuck is just sweet as can be.
Jean Seberg’s coquette vibe and sweet hair twist are killer, not the mention the off the shoulder top.

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