For the last year or so, I’ve been toying with the concept of print on print.  I enjoy the challenge of making something inherently busy and overwhelming to the eyeballs, seamless and cohesive.  It’s certainly a task, but one worth exploring especially if you’re fond of prints.  On a side note: I am particularly excited to explore the possibilities come fall, when I plan on making a few menswear inspired print/woven purchases and then mixing them up. (think herringbone and houndstooth) fun right??
The next few shots are actually not exactly mixing prints in the sense I’ve just discussed.  Rather I have incorporated my enviroment in these photos to make the mixing into something larger than just something on myself. (because yes, you can find grass in Brooklyn, despite what you’ve been told)

Vintage 70’s peacock feather print dress, Pixie Market flats, Vintage suede handbag.
Note bell sleeves and keyhole front. Such lovely details.

See what I’m saying about the print on print now? Cuffs are gifted and thrifted.
And yes, the key lime pie here is TO DIE FOR. just sayin.

Location: Red Hook, Brooklyn
Photo’s: Naomi

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