Fall does happen to be my favorite season in New York for many reasons. The temperature kicks ass, the days are still longish, all of your favorite food establishments begin carrying pumpkin flavor things, and most importantly, layering is back.
Summer is GREAT and all, but it takes too little time getting ready in the mornings! and that void will finally be filled with fun decisions I’ll have to make every day before I trek out into the world.

Below you will find some of the items that have gotten my attention recently.  Some vintage while others new. Because nothing adds authenticity more than mixing it up!

I like the boxy shape and hoodie on this jacket a lot, and the tribal print ain’t too shabby either.  Picture it paired with skinny jeans and fierce stiletto booties. It is available here.

Cobalt drop crotch wool shorts, with pockets! These would look amazing with thick tights and a pump. Find them at the Olive Shoppe

As you’ve probably heard already, burgundy is one of the hot colors for fall, but isn’t it always really? At least it is for me.  This beautiful Vintage French shopper tote is perfect for every day and I adore the color combination.

add  a bit of edge to your fuzzy fall gear by rocking some funky jewels.  Love this claw ring for its multitasking ability as a weapon. Who needs pepper spray? Find it at the Olive Shoppe

This look is deceiving because it appears to be a jumpsuit. But its actually pants and a blouse. So you can either wear them separately or together, I would opt for the jumpsuit vibe cause really, there is no such thing as too much hounds tooth.  Find it at the Pixie Market

Green and suede make such a delightful rich combination I don’t think id ever grow tired of.  And the classic Chelsea boot silhouette is both preppy and masculine but has potential for some major edge, especially once its worn in a bit.  Find these Marc Jacobs beauties At Barneys.

Happy Fall shopping.

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