It’s that tune, yeah that one! and that dreamy Jim Morrison and his bad drinking habit. And a small bit of rewriting the lyrics, but please do let me brighten your day with the next few shots.
Do articles of clothing ever evoke songs for you?
This is precisely what happened to me when I put on this dress, as all of a sudden I was magically hanging out on a grassy field with Jim Morrison and he was serenading me. Call me crazy, it really happened just like so.

Hello!  Hello!

No one remembers your name, when you’re strange.

Guess who’s getting that high five from me! The ghost of Jim.

Vintage Dress, most likely from the 70’s. Vintage Leather bag. Pixie Market flats, you can find here.

I am not sorry that you have The Doors stuck in your head now.  Really.

Location: Red Hook
Photos by: Naomi

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