As I get older, and the world of fashion zooms at the speed of light right past me, I find myself progressively more drawn to classics, perhaps ones with a twist. 
Keeping up with the latest and greatest can get mentally and monetarily draining, so why not find what works for you and then add a few pieces each season that hint at the trends but don’t ooze of them?
Here are a few items that I don’t believe I’d ever grow tired of because they are so right on the money. They aren’t called classics for no reason.

1. The classic leather bucket bag (vintage Coach ones are great): Perfect for day or evening. Large enough to fit your book, water bottle, make up, and other trinkets.  Also small enough to fit on the bar hook, and not get in your knees way.

This particular one can be purchased here.

2. The lace up boot: I have seriously owned my Justin lace up boots for over 3 years, and I am still not tired of them.  They have been worn with skinny jeans, pencil skirts, baby doll dresses, rompers, denim cut offs. Seriously the most perfect shoe specimen on the shoe planet.

These can be purchased here.

 3. The boxy striped light weight sweater:  This guy will once again, go with everything in your wardrobe. Sexy yet modest. Dress it up or down, it will keep you warm, but looking Parisian cool, it’s the best of all worlds.

You can snatch this vintage Nordstrom sweater here.

4. The perfect dark wash skinny jean:  Now I know that skinny jeans aren’t for everyone. But there is something to be said for a slimmer fitting pair of pants and the sharpness it adds to a look.  There are so many varieties these days that it’s hard not to find the right fit for you.  Even though I’ve tried various brands, i’ve found that the UO skinnies have had a great life span especially for the price.  So here is a great pair in a timeless indigo wash and high waist.

Find them here.
5. The perfect pair of ballet flats: Want the quickest most comfortable way to look classy, feminine and stylist? this is it.  Keep them simple, no embellishments, oversized bows and flowers, the color simple, material natural, and I think you’re golden.  Think the classic Chanel flat if it helps.
Red is a great way to add a pop of color to an outfit without being over the top. And the quilted leather and cap toe on these just make them so precious.
6. The Denim Jacket: I might get married in one. No joke. And who make’s good ones? well, try Levi’s guys.  It’s the Original Gangster.
This particular wash and cut is on sale on their website as we speak… get it here.

7. Seven is my lucky number so this is where I will stop, although I could go on and on.  But I will leave you with the most basic, most classic of all things. You guessed right.  Converse. Yes we are all wild about the back to the future wedge sneakers at the moment, and we go through our van’s phase, dunk’s phase, yadda yadda.. but at the end of the day, who’s waiting for you patiently in your closet, knowing you’d come back to them.  Yep.

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