One thing to know about me, is my love/obsession with art. 
I’ve always connected with other artists on a different level, perhaps due to a shared sensibility and appreciation for all things visual.
So it was naturally an instant connection when I recently met a boy by the name of Bryan Bruner.
He’s funny, smart, and he draws amazing pictures.
Speaking of funny and smart, he has a thing for robots, as he loves to turn people, into robotic figures.  Intrigued yet?
Check out this drawing he did of me recently, based on a photograph taken for Pretty In Thrift. And tell me she’s not a smoking bot-babe in all her fashionable glory.  Fashion Bot all the way.

Metal is like totally trending for next season, haven’t you heard?
Wearing: Ash wedge sneakers. Zara blazer. Urban Outfitters Skirt. American Apparel Tank. Vintage Fendi satchel. Aldo Necklace.

Please do yourself a favor, and check out his amazing artwork on his Tumblr Page 
And if you’re lucky someday, he may robotify you too.

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