The smoking shoe made a huge comeback last year, and everyone from the likes of….well everyone and anyone who knows anything about fashion, was spotted wearing them.
They are masculine, preppy, yet edgy.  Such a great combo.  Here is a selection that’s Pretty in Thrift caliber.  Updated versions with funky details like metal tip,wild embroidery, unexpected materials, that are totally noteworthy:

This Rachel Roy number features an edgy metal toe cap. Too cool. Find it Here.
These caught my eye because of the unusually large motifs on this kilim fabric.  Beauties.  Find them Here.
There’s drama in this shoe.  She demands a lot of attention.  I am particularly fond of the almond shape of the toe, along with the gold details along the front.  Major swoon.  Fin them Here.
Loving the tapestry leaves on these shoes, it’s colorful but can still work as a neutral.  Find them Here.

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