We’ve been seeing overall’s everywhere this season as different formations of 90’s fashion keep making waves in our psyche. 
When I was a teenager I owned a few pairs that I wore with much pride.  One was wrangler, and it was much too large for my frame. but I loved it. I especially liked playing hacky sack in it.  The other was from this super cool boutique called Campus Campus, in Great Neck, NY where I grew up..
I could hardly afford anything in the store but these brown canvas Carhartt overall’s had just gone on sale, and I had to have em. 
And there you have it… That’s my love affair with overall’s until I laid eyes on these.
Note the rolled cuffs and bare feet. I did that to look less intimidating.  Does it work?

This is a  vintage fire engine red “Washington Dee Cee” denim overall.  Best. Brand. Name. Ever.  
Regardless this outfit definitely has a don’t mess with me attitude and I think this pose does it justice.

These overall’s are for sale. I know. It’s too good to be true. Find them by clicking HERE <--- cause they won’t be around much longer.

Here are some shoe pairings for your consideration:

Take the look to a new level with a sporty yet sleek pump or heel. These are Alexander Wang and pretty much sold out everywhere, but you get the idea.
For the daring ladies, these gold sneakers are too cool for school.  Worried it will be too much? wear a plain white T shirt underneath your overalls and wear your hair in a topknot. You’re good to go.

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