Can we please have an intervention for the love of a sweet sweet lord?
I can’t…. just won’t stop with the prints.
Colors? lot’s of em please.
Worldly? Preferred.
Anywhoos,  an oh so sweet vintage Southwest wrap dress it is, what today’s post is all about. It may as well be a pajama it’s so damn comfy.
How to wear it? however you’d like.
Personally I went with high, high heels (Zara)… but below the images I give a few additional pairing suggestions.

Hi. My name is Stef. I like to hang nonchalantly in front of graffiti walls.
Even try to look all chic and stuff.

But truth be told, this dress so cute it makes me wanna dance. 
You can now purchase this really awesome dress at OmniaVTG. It’s necessary. Oh and my necklace? A gift from Thailand.


These awesome Loeffler Randall lace up booties have a little extra something with the ankle strap.  The perfect bohemian chic vibe.  Find them here.

For that high-low downtown cool vibe, wear with these hot Maison Martin Margiela booties you can score at Barneys

Another option would be to go thematic and matchy matchy. These sandals would certainly do that for you. Find em here.

 Or just step out into the world barefoot..who cares, you’ll still look pretty sweet.

Photos: Naomi
Location: Brooklyn, NY

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