What does Stefany (in her halloween getup from this past year -please forgive the Lady Gaga Wig), and these models from the Spring 2012 Ralph Rucci show have in common in the photo’s below?

Ding ding! you are correct… we are both thin, leggy and kinda alien looking in the face…  Think again! METALLIC leather! 
Yes.. more and more this trend has been bubbling up, and I couldn’t help giggle a little when I first spotted it.. considering I wore a silver leather tunic with matching hot shorts at the space themed Halloween party I attended past fall.  Talk about being ahead of my times…
Anyways, like most things off the runway, there is always an element or idea you can take away that’s more wearable and not so outrageous.  So here are some of my metallic picks to rock right now.

Not so galactic anymore eh?  These cute Nordstrom vintage flats can be purchased here.
For just a hint of alien,  add this pretty bib collar to any t-shirt or dress  Find here.
From our buddies over at H&M (may still be available in certain stores) this cute peplum top is a little out there, but can be toned down if paired with more casual pieces (distressed denim and converse anyone?)
Lastly, don’t tell me you aren’t drooling over this adorable little seashell number. Yeah, me too. Find her here.

Lesson is, don’t think you will look galactic by adding a touch of some serious metal to your drobe, because as long as you keep it casual and real, the trend is attainable and a quirky addition to any closet.

E.T phone home.

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