I talk lot’s about prints, mostly the ones I like.  But not every print is gonna speak to every girl, so this is a little post about your spirit print.  It’s actually quite easy to identify.
First you will have to answer a series of questions. and once you add up all the points, we can figure out the rest.. Just kidding.. there will be no questionnaire.. but it’s a good idea anyways.
All jokesies aside. Prints can say a lot about a person.. just as we have discovered shoes can say a lot about people.
Are they loud, bold, colorful, demure, feminine, sweet… these are all reflections of what someone is putting out there in the world, and for the most part, they can accurately summarize at least certain aspects of a personality.
Prime example is a photo a friend recently posted on her Instagram.

Oh… and please feel free to add some if you can think of more.. this is just a startoff point :)

Jessica who is a super awesome stylist, and also has a really sweet blog (check it out here. ) Posted this photo of her shirt the other day and said “this is a reflection of my personality #allovertheplace.

Need more be said? I mean come on. That’s next level. And my kind of gal.

And I truly agree. Certain patterns can really speak to someones personality.  Let’s peek at some other types right this way.

She’s an adventure loving wild child, with an ethnic flare, and an appreciation for life..and the unknown. She’s not afraid to stand out in a crowd and make a statement  (find the dress here.)
Take a wild guess at this sort of gal… she’s a free spirit, easy going, smart and whimsical.  She also loves hugging a good tree… Juuuuuuust kidding.. for this pretty boho chic dress clicky here.
Clean, crisp, sharp, graphic… all excellent adjectives. How do they relate to a personality? There are some of us who like cleanliness, streamlined, simple things.. well this dress is for those people. It’s bold, yet somewhat calming.  The magic of stripes.  Find this dress here.

For this next vibe, I could have gone many routes, a pretty soft floral, a small scale demure print.. but the point is, there are ladies who like to look and feel like ladies, and have a flirty and feminine side they enjoy playing up by virtue of the clothes they wear.  This plaid dress is a great example of that. It has a delicate, sweet quality to it and a soft color palette thats very harmonious.  Find it here.

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