I am constantly inspired by street style and love interacting with people to find out where their amazing pieces have come from.  This weekend I met a girl while at an outdoor dance party, who was rocking the most badass handbag i’ve seen in a long time. Of course I approached her and asked not only to photograph it, but also where she had scored it.  Turns out, she had received it as a gift from a friend who had traveled to Thailand.  Which means there’s no way for me to find one just like it! 

But I went digging and found some similar styles for reasonable prices

This gorgeous handbag is made in india, and sold at an etsy shop that operates from India.  Isn’t it stunning?  Here’s a link to that shop.
another stunning piece from the same shop
This shop can do no wrong! these colors are incredible.

All of these beautiful textiles really make me want to pack my bags and take a trip out to India, so I can shop the bazaars and markets for gorgeous goodies like the ones i’ve shown you.

Well, I’m off to day dream about my trip!

Till next time.

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