Obviously there is not ONE way to dress for a picnic, but there are certain aesthetic elements that enhance the picnic experience.
Central Park is a magnificent place for such activity, and that’s precisely where you will find me loungin, stuffin da face, and plain old lookin picnic ready in the next few shots.

Vintage thrifted picnic basket (with a checked fabric interior!)
You always need a blanket cause dat grass be dirty.
Secondly, you need a good twirl move, cause you never know who will be sneaking in photos. Case in point, the creep on the lower left corner of the photo) Wearing: vintage Trifary necklace (thrift store find)
Thirdly, you should always rock a smile… and a great vintage dress (Buffalo Exchange) and a fedora (well those only work sometimes, but a picnic is one of those times)

All images courtesy of the talented Lizabeth Nieves (find more of her beautiful photographs here.

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