In the past I’ve amused you with various selections of vintage handpicked items.  This post is no different, with the exception that I’ve taken the quirky to a whole new level.. cause I can.
Spring is all about color, texture and adventure, so with that said, here is a bunch of amazing, affordable and possibly adventurous pieces for you to incorporate into your wardrobe.

This cute lil baby is a gorgeous canary yellow and has some awesome textures going on. I’m so down. You may scoop this up here.
Colorful beads strategically placed in squared off raffia boxes? priceless.  Find this cool mama here.

Roosters in mid kiss action? Come on! that is hardcore whimsical.  Find this beautiful vintage Enid Collins bag from the 60’s here.
As my burning passion for the color orange continues, so does its popularity, so why not celebrate it with this awesome raffia vintage handbag.  Find her here.

 Lastly i’d like to share with you, my personal favorite and what will soon be my springtime whimsical handbag.
 Voila! an intense dosage of awesomeness..
Happy Memorial Weekend folks.

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