I just got back from a little work trip that sent me to North Carolina.  Home of peaches and furniture.  I perused many furniture showrooms looking for attractive fabrics as inspiration and guide as to where the market is going.  Along my trip I fell in love with a certain type of geometric design you sometimes find on furniture.  So when I got back, I went on a little online hunt for some fun dresses and such with that kind of look.  This is what I found

It’s a geometric pattern bowtie. Need I say more? Find her and more on this Etsy shop

watch out Proenza Schouler!
Amazing Alined mod jacket in lightweight neon geometric design. You can find her Here.

Hi! yes that’s me running off, with a vintage cape that could very well be a couch pattern. Woopwoop        

Betsey Johnson may be going bankrupt, but grunge is still going strong. arrow-right
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