I’m a huge fan of buying used and vintage clothing (as the name of my blog clearly implies).  Partially because it’s affordable and because you end up with unique pieces in your wardrobe, but also because it’s GREEN! yes, we are saving the planet one vintage coach bag at a time.
So in honor of earth day, and some of my amazing finds throughout the years, I took a snapshot of my favorite vintage flats, which I can’t live without.
I could sit here and link a bunch of Etsy and Ebay shops where you may find some for yourself, but on earth day, you should be left to your own devices and do a little hunting for yourself.

From right, Metallic bronze bow flats (thrift store), Navy woven Pappagallo laced flats (Etsy), Brown suede cutout flats (Beacons Closet), Suede and leather with stud detail flats (Etsy).

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