There isn’t much to say here, except that I truly enjoyed myself in this outfit.
The neon woven vest is a majestic piece I found at salvation army.  When I saw it, it felt as if the heavens had opened up above me and dropped off a little gift. The neon colors are spot on, and the A lined silhouette timeless.
Here I am in all my vintage and thrift glory, pairing the vest with a sweater I also found at a local thriftstore.. A skirt I wore as a 12 year old ( I was chubby).  White tights, and my Rebecca Minkoff animal print pumps.

 The location, well.. I’d rather not spoil the mystique, but I will anyways, its actually Gantry Plaza, LIC.  The photographer, my lovely friend Adrienne Darnell, introduced me to this part of Long Island City that’s quite beautiful and peaceful.. Check it out if you are in NY, if not, at least check out her photos!

Anyways, looking so fly was once again, an exhausting feat, so I decided to take a nap.

and Adrienne snuck up on me and shot these crazy photos!

At least it gives you a chance to see some of the amazing details of this vest.

Mixing prints and colors is by far one of my favorite things to do, as it almost feels like I am painting…and the possibilities are really endless.

Check back for some outtakes of this photo shoot, taken with film and polaroids!! and once again, check out my friend’s Tumblr for more amazing photography.


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