Here are some of my wishlist picks for spring: all vintage, all (sort of) affordable.  If only my apartment had a secret doorway to a giant walk in closet.  Pipe dreams.

1. Sick Necklace… I don’t know, doesn’t there appear to be a mustache hidden somewhere?

Find this YSL Vintage bad boy at This place.

2. Hawt Ted Lapidus sunnies… yeah to cover those dark under eye circles.. duh.

You can steal these from me right this way.

3. Awee no I didn’t….yes I did… want me this amazing denim romper.  MADNESS!

And want to be her friend badly.. Also I’m not giving you the link to this cause I’m totally buying it right after I’m done writing this! HAH!

4.  I did it again! check these fools out! 

Vintage Escada nautical flats… ALL MINE!

 5.  Check this cutie out, she’s got the right color, texture and shape.. done and done..

I’m also keeping this bad girl to myself.. yeah call me selfish!

And yeah I would totally wear all of these items at the same time… Boom!

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