Given my background in textile design, I happen to be a real sucker for kool prints.
I am especially drawn to the ethnic ones as I find a lot of amazing colors are often used in interesting and unexpected ways.
 This spring is all about bold prints, ranging from tropical’s, ethnics and geometric, so with prints in mind I decided to do a post on this lovely skirt I had the chance to model for the awesome Vintage shop Dusty Rose Vintage: (this beauty is still available for sale)

Isn’t she so purty?
And look at all that movement! 

So, what do you say you grab yourself a funky bold printed flowy skirt this season, and wear it with a bedazzled 80’s Madonna-esque bra!  Just kidding.  You can skip the bra part, cause you’ll most likely get cat called by men you wouldn’t want to go near with a 10 foot pole.  But do play with prints, and even venture into mixing prints if you’re ready for it.
Oh and my shoes are thrifted Zimmermann woven navy sandals from Beacon’s Closet.
All photo’s by Will Star

Happy Thursday!

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