White shoes with a cause.

I met with some friends last night, and someone in the group was wearing a pair of white leather booties from Zara that I have been going back and forth about purchasing myself..

I try to be semi practical with my purchases and all I kept wondering was, is this a fad I will dislike in a few months?
Also, New York City is so damn filthy…. how long before my white shoe is a muddy grey shoe instead?

Shoe in question. (Zara)

But then I decided to ask her how she was feeling about her purchase, and the answer I received was eye opening.
She said “I’ve always loved white shoes, I grew up wearing white keds, and white boots ,I just think white shoes are great”.
That got me thinkin….
The world is divided into two groups, people who have always rocked the white shoe a la punk, hipster, rebel, and people who are wearing white shoes because they are trendy.  The white shoe is essentially the symbol of a lifestyle, it’s a persona.
It takes a confident human being to wear white shoes and own em.
and with that in mind, I decided last night, I want to be that person, that rocks a white shoe, whether or not the world is telling you they are cool.
In case you are thinking about wearing white shoes, here are some delicious vintage, well priced finds.

Find these cuties Here.

Booties in size 6, right this way…
Like these? you can get them right Here

Happy white shoe shopping.

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