A new pair of shoe’s is always inspiring.  I find that a new member to the clan always gets my creativity going… and perhaps that is why I keep buying more :)
So this weekend I took full advantage of my new shoe purchase (which you will see in the following images) and the weather (cold and rainy) also allowed me to toy with different sock and stocking options:

 Yes! that’s me, in a thrifted vintage Betsey Johnson brocade dress (goodwill, $12), white socks and animal print pumps (Rebecca Minkoff).

And a couple of closeups of the details, and mixture of prints, and a shot of my beaded ikat clutch (Forever 21)  As you can see the white of the socks breaks up the leg quite nicely here and allows for the prints to speak for themselves, yet relate to each other via color (as animal prints can act as a neutral) and scale.. ok that sounds super nerdy, but you get what I mean… right?

Last but not least, here I am playing the piano, did you know I play? me neither.  Actually the only piano playing experience I’ve had is using my little Casio mini keyboard when I was 7.

That’s all I got for you today folks.

Photo’s by Jenifer Faulkner.
Shot at Domaine Wine Bar  in Long Island city

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