Let me start by saying that I get some of my best ideas in the shower.
It’s just something about that running water….
Anyhoos… the other day I was contemplating my outfit in the shower as I often find myself doing (multi-tasking at its finest) and knew I wanted to include my recent thrift store Cameo brooch purchase.  At that exact moment, I had a vision of me in this outfit, in front of my friend’s Michael Jackson and Bubbles print, so I had to make it happen, here are the results:

It must have been the fact that Michael and I are practically wearing the same thing.  Yes that must be why.. But come on.. give me some credit.. the whole white and gold thing! it is after all one of the hottest spring trends… he sure was ahead of his times, that man.

Whatever, this post isn’t about Michael and bubbles after all.. it’s really about my thrifted cameo brooch.. so here is a closer look, and how I styled it.

Pretty cool eh? yeah I’ll give myself just a couple of pats on the back for this one.. So just a little bit more on brooches.  Fun fact: I used to hate them.  But then.. At the Brooklyn Flea this past summer I found a Giraffe one, (which happens to me by favorite animal in the entire kingdom) and I just had to have it.  So that sort of warmed me up to the idea of wearing a brooch, and since then I have collecteda few more…. here they are:

From left: thrifted cameo brooch.  thrifted dragonfly brooch. gifted mushroom brooch. Brooklyn Flea giraffe brooch.
What kind do you have?! and how do you like to wear yours??
and when do you call one a pin and when is it a brooch…

Happy Sunday

Photos by Reni Papananias (also proud owner of MJ and Bubbles print)

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