I’m super excited about my post today, as it comes from a serendipitous series of events. This week I decided to browse the local thrift store to find a pair of light wash oversized jeans I could tatter as a DIY project and wear with some pumps (my spring vibe). And although I had no such luck with the jean part, I did pluck out this gem out of a pile of not quite as attractive scarves.

Your eyes are not fooling you.  It’s Emilio Pucci, and I paid exactly 5 buckaroos for it.  Bestest part? the colors are SPOT ON
We are talking about the most amazing combination of everything I am into at the moment, seafoam green, magenta, burgundy, mustard, MY GAWD is she real?

So anyways, I thought to myself, I kinda forgot about my printed scarves lately, as I have been wearing lots of necklaces, so why not bring back the scarf for spring.. and why not make it new and different.
So here are a few things I would pair this lady with:

From top left: Vintage Armani Cut off Shorts, loving that torn up beat up look. Equipment Sheer Blouse, perfect for wearing a scarf since it doesn’t have any collar interference. ASOS navy creeper, cute fashion shoe, with tassel details.. as I am loving the creeper vibe for spring paired with feminine pieces. Lastly this precious vintage Kilim Handbag, from a great Etsy shop.
So who’s with me??
Viva thrift!

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