So yeah, I guess there’s like this show or whatever, I think it’s called.. Madmen?
You know you watch it cause of the awesome vintage outfits. Yeah those ladies look gooooooood!
So in honor of the new season, I am wearing a gorgeous 60’s mod A Lined dress with beautiful embroidery details.. Check me out here pretending I am all sassy and stuff. (note the only element missing is a dapper man in a pinstripe suit, so give him my email addie if you see him roaming the streets)

The color, fit, and silhouette are so right! I couldn’t have done better myself.
Love everything about it?  You can snatch up this beauty at Dusty Rose Vintage.  An awesome Vintage shop on Etsy.
And you can laugh all you want at the last photo, as I have no recollection as to what made me have that strange and frightened look on my face..
Till next time!
All Photos by Will Star. Check out his amazing work.

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